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Inside The Waistband Single Spring Clip Holsters

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  1. Great Fit but needed trimming for comfort

    Posted by Chad on 19th Mar 2019

    I got the holster for my Sig P365 and it's well constructed and had great fit and retention for my gun. I put my unloaded gun in the holster and proceeded to do a few dry fire tests. After only a few the webbing between my thumb and pointer as well as the side of my middle were rubbed into a red rash. Upon further investigation i found that the top of the slide guard was cut too wide and was protruding past the beavertail of the firearm rubbing on the webbing. Also, there's no relief cut under the trigger guard so 1 it rubbed my middle finger harshly and 2 I could not get a full grip and had to reposition my grip after drawing losing precious time. I trimmed the slide guard and that's fine now but I still need to trim away from under the trigger guard.

  2. Perfect great

    Posted by James D Snow on 17th Mar 2019

    Great holster!!

  3. Springfield XD9 Sub-Compact IWB

    Posted by Michael on 9th Mar 2019

    This is the second time buying this style of hosted from them. Great product as usual. GREAT customer service!!!

  4. Quality and great price

    Posted by Jim T. on 4th Mar 2019

    I picked up a IWB clip holster for my S&W M36. I could not be happier. I has enough firmness not to allow the holster to collapse with the gun is drawn but soft enough for a good draw. I will be looking to add another soon.

  5. Where is it?

    Posted by Ed Hutton on 27th Feb 2019

    Love to review this holster but since the USPS has had it in its grasp for sometime and takes 5 days to move from one location to the next, maybe I will find out how good the holster is by spring or summer.

  6. My 3rd one! Love them all.

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2019

    I have the same holster for my Kimber 9, Sig 365 and Ruger LCP. Cant beat them...

  7. very good

    Posted by Donnie on 17th Feb 2019

    well made and fits good I wish it would have an adjustment to cant a little to the front but i'm happy with it

  8. Mikes Winthrop IWB

    Posted by Mike on 9th Nov 2018

    Have been carrying and using weapons for more than 50 years and I have never found an IWB LEATHER Holster this well made and this comfortable for what they sell it for.This is the third Winthrop holster that I have bought and And I have absolutely NO REGRETS. Their representative was also incredibly helpful and extremely knowledgeable!

  9. Nice

    Posted by Lou S on 28th Aug 2018

    Well made, fairly comfortable but probably more so after more time worn.
    Only issue so far, it’s almost impossible to reholster without loosening the belt completely if the pistol is removed. Even then it’s difficult to reholster.

  10. Great product for the money

    Posted by Dan l Dalziel on 24th Aug 2018

    Excellent product at a great price

  11. IWB Holster

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2018

    Well made and comfortable to wear. Be prepared to spend some time breaking it in.

  12. Iwb Metal Clip holster

    Posted by Jnf52 on 27th Apr 2018

    This is great holster and very comfortable And well built

  13. Iwb Metal Clip holster

    Posted by Jnf52 on 27th Apr 2018

    This is great holster and very comfortable And well built

  14. Appendix carry for a G43 and a P365

    Posted by Mike Boyle on 26th Apr 2018

    As stated, the holsters are thick quality leather and are fitted very tightly. I used a small baggie rather than the shipping bag they come in as recommended for the break in. A couple of caveats though: First, my carry belts are thick leather with a steel core. It takes serious effort to get the clip over the belt and clipped properly due to the belt's thickness. Second, I'm used to wearing "tuck/stow and go" holsters that allow me to wear my grip just above my belt. The Winthrop holsters sit higher. Any pot belly tends to push the grip away from the body. This causes printing. I'd gladly pay more to have an adjustable clip so I could ste the holster lower on my belt, because down here in SWFL, where light untucked T shirts are thr uniform of the day, this can be a problem. I guess I'll just have to go on a diet.

  15. Great fit and comfortable to wear all day

    Posted by Dave on 25th Apr 2018

    5 stars great fit fast shipping comfortable for all day carry

  16. Unbelievable holster and customer service

    Posted by Bill McReynolds on 18th Apr 2018

    Quality of holster was far better than I expected, and the price very fair. But as, if not more important, was the responsiveness and outstanding customer service! Thanks Wintrop-I'll be back.

  17. Had to modify a little

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2018

    Purchased for my Sig P238 with night sites. The holster was extremely tight upon arrival. Had to use a wooden hammer handle to open it up. Once that was completed I realized the front night site is raised more than a standard site so I had to make a channel inside the holster with a file to accommodate the front sight. All is well now. Fast shipping as usual!
    I would have liked a slight forward can’t but for this type holster, straight up and down is usually the norm with any brand manufacture.
    Overall you can’t beat Winthrop when it comes to the value for what you pay for.

  18. IWB Holster

    Posted by Terry on 21st Mar 2018

    AWESOME the holster fit my gun like a glove and is very comfortable to wear. Will buy all my holsters from Winthrop.

  19. Excellent, especially for the price.....

    Posted by Jim on 16th Mar 2018 G30 fit like a glove from the start, no gun-in-the-bag-into-the-holster routine was needed. It’ll ride too high for summer carry but is getting plenty of use this winter and will for years to come. I’ll be needing a belt next time around.
    Great product and fast shipping......thanks.


    Posted by Tim on 14th Mar 2018

    This is my 2nd IWB Single Clip holster with body shield from Winthrop, first one for my S&W Shield, this one for my S&W Bodyguard with warm weather clothing. I carry hot, no safety & one in the tube, I love that I can holster my weapon, then insert holster & weapon Into my pants with trigger completely guarded by holster, avoiding an accidental discharge into my thigh! Leather is thick, yet supple, I use wax paper around weapon to fine tune & achieve perfect retention, while still making draw smooth & easy. I also appreciate being able to draw quietly unlike a kydex holster. Price wise a real bargain, I have many more expensive holsters laying unused in the bottom of my gun safe. I highly recommend Winthrop, and their staff are really nice too.

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